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Glico gomoku kamameshi

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Weight: 0.303kg

Date Added: Sunday 28 September, 2014
Kamameshi means rice, meat, vegetable dish served in a small pot. It is a kind of japanese pilaf. Gomoku means various ingredients. It contains 10 ... more info
Glico LEE 1serving 200g(7.05oz)

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Weight: 0.23kg

Date Added: Sunday 26 July, 2015
It is ready-made curry. Hotness of twenty times. Twenty times dramatically spicy! Directions; Case of hot water; Put the pack in hot water,and boil ... more info
Glico sauce for fried rice with curry flavor 2servings

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Price: $2.39

Weight: 0.068kg

Date Added: Monday 18 February, 2013
This is called "Dry Curry" in Japan. Directions; Put oil in a frying pan, heat it well. Cook stirred egg lightly. And put about 250g(8.81oz)cooked ... more info
Gohan-Desuyo 145g(5.11oz)

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Price: $5.64

Weight: 0.275kg

Date Added: Saturday 07 September, 2013
This is nori seaweed paste called Tsukudani, which is a kind of preserved food, made of nori seaweed boiled down in a mixture of soy sauce and sugar, ... more info
Greeting card Utamaro

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Price: $3.76

Weight: 0.02kg

Date Added: Saturday 28 June, 2014
Ukiyoe greeting card by Kitagawa Utamaro(1753-1806), who is a famous ukiyoe artist of the Edo period.
Grill 20cm(7.8in) long and 25cm(9.8in) wide

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Price: $15.60

Weight: 0.42kg

Date Added: Saturday 10 May, 2014
This is a grill for fish. You can cook professional,delicious salt-grilled fish easily. Note; You can not use it with induction heating. Don't use ... more info
Gyukaku tare for cabbage 210g(7.4oz)

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Price: $4.72

Weight: 0.243kg

Date Added: Sunday 30 June, 2013
This is dressing for fresh cabbage, tastes salty with garlic flavor. This is available for other fresh vegetables, too. Ingredients; garlic, sugar, ... more info
Hakubaku houtou (2servings)

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Price: $6.24

Weight: 0.29kg

Date Added: Sunday 20 September, 2015
Houtou is a one pot dish which vegetables, meat, and wheat noodles are simmered in miso based soup, and a specialty of Yamanashi Prefecture. Pumpkin ... more info
Hanamaruki namamisoshiru wakame 12portions

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Price: $2.08

Weight: 0.238kg

Date Added: Thursday 04 October, 2012
Just pour 150ml boiled water, and stir well. Ingredients; soy bean, rice, salt, wakame seaweed and amino acid.
Handa somen 300g(10.58oz)

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Price: $8.26

Weight: 0.315kg

Date Added: Thursday 14 June, 2018
It is somen from Tokushima prefecture. The noodles are a little thick and have nice texture. Directions; Bring a full pot of water to a boil, cook ... more info

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