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Glico donburitei Gyu-don

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Price: $5.86

Weight: 0.21kg

Date Added: Thursday 11 October, 2012
Gyu-don means beef on a bowl of rice. It is ready-made food. It contains 180g(1serving). Directions; Case of hot water; Put this pack in hot ... more info
Glico Gomoku Tori(chicken)-Kamameshi

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Price: $7.64

Weight: 0.303kg

Date Added: Sunday 28 September, 2014
Kamameshi means rice, meat, vegetable dish served in a small pot. It is a kind of japanese pilaf. Gomoku means various ingredients. It contains 10 ... more info
Glico LEE 1serving 200g(7.05oz)

In Stock: 96


Price: $6.43

Weight: 0.23kg

Date Added: Sunday 26 July, 2015
It is ready-made curry. Hotness of twenty times. Twenty times dramatically spicy! Directions; Case of hot water; Put the pack in hot water,and boil ... more info
Glico sauce for fried rice with curry flavor 2servings

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Price: $2.88

Weight: 0.068kg

Date Added: Monday 18 February, 2013
This is called "Dry Curry" in Japan. Directions; Put oil in a frying pan, heat it well. Cook stirred egg lightly. And put about 250g(8.81oz)cooked ... more info
Gohan-Desuyo 145g(5.11oz)

In Stock: 994


Price: $6.96

Weight: 0.275kg

Date Added: Saturday 07 September, 2013
This is nori seaweed paste called Tsukudani, which is a kind of preserved food, made of nori seaweed boiled down in a mixture of soy sauce and sugar, ... more info
Grill 20cm(7.8in) long and 25cm(9.8in) wide

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Price: $16.32

Weight: 0.42kg

Date Added: Saturday 10 May, 2014
This is a grill for fish. You can cook professional,delicious salt-grilled fish easily. Note; You can not use it with induction heating. Don't use ... more info
Gyukaku tare for cabbage 210g(7.4oz)

In Stock: 991


Price: $6.15

Weight: 0.243kg

Date Added: Sunday 30 June, 2013
This is dressing for fresh cabbage, tastes salty with garlic flavor. This is available for other fresh vegetables, too. Ingredients; garlic, sugar, ... more info
hachijuhachiya-cha 80g

In Stock: 98


Price: $27.67

Weight: 0.09kg

Date Added: Saturday 02 November, 2019
It is a high-quality green tea from Shizuoka Prefecture, which is very famous for green tea in Japan. Enjoy the aroma and flavor of it!
Hagiri deep-steemed green tea 120g

In Stock: 99


Price: $18.42

Weight: 0.13kg

Date Added: Monday 11 November, 2019
It is a high-quality green tea from Shizuoka Prefecture, which is very famous for green tea in Japan. It tastes milder than usual green tea. Enjoy ... more info
Hakubaku houtou (2servings)

In Stock: 93


Price: $6.86

Weight: 0.29kg

Date Added: Sunday 20 September, 2015
Houtou is a one pot dish which vegetables, meat, and wheat noodles are simmered in miso based soup, and a specialty of Yamanashi Prefecture. Pumpkin ... more info

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