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Dried shiitake mushroom 70g(2.46oz)

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Price: $24.58

Weight: 0.1kg

Date Added: Sunday 22 May, 2016
It is dried shiitake mushroom from Japan. Shitake mushroom is often used in "Washoku" japanese cooking. It is a genuine japanese taste. Directions; ... more info
Ebara seasoning for japanese pickles 500ml(16.90floz)

In Stock: 98


Price: $5.57

Weight: 0.583kg

Date Added: Saturday 20 April, 2019
It is a seasoning for quick japanese pickles( "asazuke" in japanese). Asazuke is healthy and popular in Japan. Directions; Cut your favorit ... more info
Ebara Shougayaki-no-tare 230g(8.11oz)

In Stock: 996


Price: $4.90

Weight: 0.263kg

Date Added: Sunday 02 June, 2013
Shougayaki means pork-ginger and it is hugely popular in Japan. This sauce has moderate sweetness and a rich flavor of grated ginger. It goes well ... more info
Ebara tare of Sukiyaki 500ml(16.9fl oz)

In Stock: 978


Price: $7.93

Weight: 0.643kg

Date Added: Saturday 08 December, 2012
This is a sauce(tare) for "SUKIYAKI" , which is one of typical dishes in Japan. Directions for Sukiyaki; Put oil in a frying pan, and heat it. Then ... more info
Ebara tare of Yakitori 240g(8.46oz)

In Stock: 906


Price: $5.03

Weight: 0.275kg

Date Added: Friday 17 August, 2012
It ia a rich sauce(tare) for Yakitori. You can enjoy the taste of Yakitori easily. Directions; Cut chicken into bite-size pieces, grill them(commonly ... more info
Ebara tare with garlic flavor 230g(8.11oz)

In Stock: 100


Price: $5.13

Weight: 0.265kg

Date Added: Monday 17 June, 2019
It is a rich soy sauce for yakiniku(japanese style grilled meat) with a fine roasted garlic flavor and aroma. Soy sauce, sugar, apple, apple vinegar, ... more info
Echigo miso 750g(26.45oz)

In Stock: 998


Price: $14.40

Weight: 0.77kg

Date Added: Saturday 14 December, 2013
This is rice miso from Niigata Prefecture. Echigo is the old name of Niigata. This does not contain dashi,so you need dashi stock to make miso soup. ... more info
Eki miso ryoutei no aji

In Stock: 999


Price: $6.24

Weight: 0.54kg

Date Added: Friday 07 September, 2012
This is liquid miso with dashi stock. So you can enjoy miso soup very easily. Simmer your favorite ingredients ,and just add this liquid miso as you ... more info
Freeze-dried wakegi 10g(0.35oz)

In Stock: 97


Price: $5.38

Weight: 0.015kg

Date Added: Saturday 10 November, 2018
Wakegi means a kind of japanese scallion for Miso soup, Tofu,Udon,Soba,Ramen and so on.
Frystar panko(bread crumbs) 180g(6.34oz)

In Stock: 94


Price: $2.46

Weight: 0.188kg

Date Added: Sunday 18 May, 2014
This is a package of dried "Panko" (japanese bread crumbs) for deep-fried dishes such as "tonkatsu". The panko is larger than the bread crumbs used ... more info

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