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Ebara Shougayaki-no-tare 230g(8.11oz)

In Stock: 996


Price: $3.93

Weight: 0.263kg

Date Added: Sunday 02 June, 2013
Shougayaki means pork-ginger and it is hugely popular in Japan. This sauce has moderate sweetness and a rich flavor of grated ginger. It goes well ... more info
Ebara tare of Sukiyaki 300ml(10.14fl oz)

In Stock: 978


Price: $4.26

Weight: 0.61kg

Date Added: Saturday 08 December, 2012
This is a sauce(tare) for "SUKIYAKI" , which is one of typical dishes in Japan. Directions for Sukiyaki; Put oil in a frying pan, and heat it. Then ... more info
Ebara tare of Yakitori 240g(8.46oz)

In Stock: 906


Price: $3.93

Weight: 0.275kg

Date Added: Friday 17 August, 2012
It ia a rich sauce(tare) for Yakitori. You can enjoy the taste of Yakitori easily. Directions; Cut chicken into bite-size pieces, grill them(commonly ... more info
Ebara yose-nabe 6 portions

In Stock: 100


Price: $5.20

Weight: 0.157kg

Date Added: Sunday 08 October, 2017
This soup is prepared from katsuo-bushi(dried bonito) and kombu(kelp). It has a soysauce flavor. You can enjoy a basic hot pot easily. Directions; ... more info
Freeze-dried wakegi 10g(0.35oz)

In Stock: 96


Price: $3.92

Weight: 0.015kg

Date Added: Saturday 10 November, 2018
Wakegi means a kind of japanese scallion for Miso soup, Tofu,Udon,Soba,Ramen and so on.
Frystar panko(bread crumbs) 180g(6.34oz)

In Stock: 88


Price: $1.98

Weight: 0.188kg

Date Added: Sunday 18 May, 2014
This is a package of dried "Panko" (japanese bread crumbs) for deep-fried dishes such as "tonkatsu". The panko is larger than the bread crumbs used ... more info
Fujikko thinly shaved kelp 23g(0.81oz)

In Stock: 99


Price: $4.54

Weight: 0.036kg

Date Added: Tuesday 29 April, 2014
This is a thinly shaved kelp, which is called "tororo konbu" in japanese, soaked in genuine rice vinegar. This has a very rich flavor of kelp and ... more info
Fundokin natural brewing soy sauce 500ml(16.90floz)

In Stock: 98


Price: $12.47

Weight: 0.8kg

Date Added: Sunday 28 May, 2017
It is a dark(koikuchi) soy sauce naturally brewed in cedar barrels. It has very rich aroma, color and flavor. High quality soy sauce. Ingredients; ... more info
Fundokin mugi(barley) 500g(17.63oz)

In Stock: 998


Price: $10.38

Weight: 0.53kg

Date Added: Sunday 27 October, 2013
This is barley miso with plenty of malted barley, tastes medium-sweet. This is a taste of Kyushu.This does not contain dashi. So you need dashi to ... more info
Furikake for adults dried bonito flavor 5prtions

In Stock: 981


Price: $2.46

Weight: 0.027kg

Date Added: Monday 04 November, 2013
This contains rich dried bonito flake, plenty of nori laver and white sesame. NET 12.5g(0.44oz). Ingredients; sugar, salt, dried bonito, wheat, soy ... more info

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