Salt-Grilled Fish


  • fish as needed
  • salt as needed
  • grated daikon radish as needed
  • soy sauce to your taste


1. Shake salt onto the fish and put it on a well-heated grill, first cooking the side that will be served up on the plate.
2. Cook both sides on high untill roasted nice and brown.
3. Serve garnished with sudachi citrus and grated daikon radish with soy sauce poured into it.
Squeeze sudachi over the fish before eating it.

  • You can use lemon instead of sudachi citrus.
  • It is also recommended to use ponzu instead of citrus and soy sauce.
  • fish suitable for fillets; mackerel, salmon, spanish mackerel, japanese sea perch, etc.
    fish suitable for the whole; pacific saury, herring, sardine, horse-mackerel, sea bream, etc.
  • You can use an oven or a frying pan, but using a grill is recommended to cook fishes. It makes fishes more delicious.
  • Try your favorite fish salt-grilled!
  • soy sauce with grated daikon radish

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