Miso Soup

Ingredients: (4servings)

1. Make a dashi stock
  • The case of powdered dashi
    Bring water to a simmer and put 4g powdered dashi in it.
  • The case of katsuobushi
    Boil water, and put katsuobushi in it
    Turn off the heat and wait for a few minutes. Never keep boilng. Strain it and get rid of katsuobushi.

2. Add Ingredients

Add your favorite ingredients to dashi stock, and cook them in a pan.

3. Add miso paste

Put 30 - 36g miso paste in a cup, add enough dashi stock from the pan to dissolve miso paste. Then pour it into the pan and stir. Turn off the heat and serve the miso soup.

* the salt content of miso varies by type and from brand to brand, so taste it as you use it.
* Never keep boiling after addition of miso paste. Because miso flavor is reduced by it

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