Teriyaki Fish


  • 2 fillets(salmon, yellowtail, spanish mackerel, etc)
  • A(30ml(2tbsp) soy sauce, 30ml(2tbsp) mirin, 20ml(4tsp) sake, 5g(1tsp) sugar)


    1.Marinate the fillets in marinade mix(A) for 15min. Turn it over halfway through cooking so that the flavor is absorbed evenly.

    2.Heat a little salad oil in a frying pan, and fry them on a medium heat. When golden brown, turn over, and fry For2 〜3 minutes on a low heat.

    3.Put in the remaining marinating sauce when the fillets are mostly cooked through, and move the frying pan over the medium heat until the sauce covers the entire fish.

    * First fry the side that will be placed upward when arranged on the plate.
    * Teriyaki burns easily, so be careful not to use too much heat.

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