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Delivery Time and Charge

You can select the way of delivery.
These are reference costs. Please comfirm the exact delivery charges by estimate shipping in a shopping cart.


  • Small packets can be sent at much lower rate than EMS.
  • Normally 2 - 3 weeks delivery time from when the order leaves our warehouse.
  • No charge of packing material.We pay it.
  • On the system of our homepage,we can accept only the order up to 2kg at a time by small packets.
    In the case of the order over 2kg, please perform order procedure two or more times. Although it is troublesome, please understand it.
Area Asia Europe, Oceania, Canada, Central America, Middle East United states of America
Up to 100g2.6$3.5$5.6$
Up to 200g3.4$4.7$7.1$
Up to 300g4.2$5.9$8.5$
Up to 400g5,0$7.1$9.9$
Up to 500g5.8$8.4$11.3$
Up to 600g6.7$9.6$12.8$
Up to 700g7.5$10.8$14.2$
Up to 800g8.3$12.0$15.6$
Up to 900g9.1$13.2$17.1$
Up to 1000g9.9$14.5$18.5$
Up to 1100g10.7$15.7$19.9$
Up to 1200g11.6$16.9$21.3$
Up to 1300g12.4$18.1$22.8$
Up to 1400g13.2$19.4$24.2$
Up to 1500g14.0$20.6$25.6$
Up to 1600g14.8$21.8$27.0$
Up to 1700g15.6$23.0$28.5$
Up to 1800g16.4$24.3$30.0$
Up to 1900g17.3$25.5$31.3$
Up to 2000g18.1$26.7$32.6$

EMS (Express Mail Service)

  • Normally 2 - 4 working days delivery time from when the order leaves our warehouse.
  • No charge of packing material.We pay it.
Area Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa
Up to 300g9.0$12.1$15.1$17.1$
Up to 500g11.1$15.1$18.1$21.2$
Up to 600g12.5$16.9$20.2$24.6$
Up to 700g13.9$18.7$22.2$28.0$
Up to 800g15.3$20.6$24.2$31.5$
Up to 900g16.7$22.4$26.2$34.9$
Up to 1000g18.1$24.2$28.2$38.3$
Up to 1250g21.2$28.2$32.8$46.4$
Up to 1500g24.2$32.3$37.3$54.5$
Up to 1750g27.2$36.3$41.9$62.6$
Up to 2000g30.3$40.4$46.4$70.7$
Up to 2500g35.3$47.4$54.5$85.8$
Up to 3000g40.4$54.5$62.6$101.0$
Up to 3500g45.4$61.6$70.7$116.1$
Up to 4000g50.5$68.6$78.7$131.3$
Up to 4500g55.5$75.7$86.8$146.4$
Up to 5000g60.6$82.8$94.9$161.6$
Up to 5500g65.6$89.8$103.0$176.7$
Up to 6000g70.7$96.9$111.1$191.9$
Up to 7000g78.7$108.0$124.2$213.1$
Up to 8000g86.8$119.1$137.3$234.3$
Up to 9000g94.9$130.3$150.5$255.5$
Up to 10000g103.0$141.4$163.6$276.7$

Aditional Information

Undelivered Items
If we do fail to delivery any order to you, please report this to us no later than 30 days from the date on which the order was taken by us. We will not accept responsibility for any undelivered orders which are reported to us later than 30 days after the date on which the order was taken by us.

Non-Shippable Addresses
If your country is not listed when you are entering a delivery or billing address, it may be impossible to deliver at your adress. So please inquire of us.

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