Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning made by fermenting soybeans, salt and malted rice or malted barley or malted soybeans with the fungus Koujikin.
Miso is not only for Miso soup, but also for marinades and dressings and so on.

The kinds of Miso

Types of Miso are devided by ingredients as follows.

  • Kome Miso(rice miso)

    Kome Miso is the most general miso in Japan
    Shinshyu (Nagano Prefecture) is the most popular producing district of Kome Miso. There are sweat(white) miso and salty(red) Miso in Kome Miso.
    Because Kome Miso is so popular and general, it is often mixed with other miso. It is called Awase Miso (Mixed Miso).

  • Mugi Miso(barley miso)

    Mugi Miso is mainly produced and consumed in Kyushu and western Chugoku - Shikoku district. And it is not much familiar in Areas except previous districts.Mugi Miso is mostly sweat and off-white.

  • Mame Miso(soybean miso)

    Mame Miso is dark redbrown and saltier than other Miso, but it has a peculiar flavor. Mame Miso is produced and consumed in Chubu area, especially Aichi Prefecture. It is well-known in Japan that people in Aichi love Red Miso.
  • Chougow Miso(mixed miso)

    This miso is produced by mixing various types of miso. So this has a very mild taste and flavor. For example Aka (red) dashi miso is mixed with mame miso and kome miso.

Miso is also devided by color and flavor.

  • Shiro Miso(White miso)

    The color of this miso can range from off-white to beige. This miso has a short brewing time and a sweat, creamy taste. Shiro miso is relatively prefered in western Japan.

  • Aka Miso(Red miso)

    This miso is fermented longer than white miso. Therefore Red miso can range in color from light brown to dark red brown, and has a salty and strong taste. Red miso tends to be prefered in eastern and northern Japan. And Aichi prefecture is very famous for Aka miso.

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