Miso soups in Japan

(major ingredients for miso soup, special miso soup, various ways to have miso soup)

You know, because miso is fermented food made of soybeans, miso soup is very healthy, and it is delicious as well. But what do you know about miso soup except it? We introduce you many pieces of information about real miso soup in Japan.

Major ingredients for miso soup, which is generally used in Japan

  • Tofu

    Needless to say, tofu is the most popular ingredient for miso soup. There are mainly two kinds of tofu, silken("kinugoshi" in japanese) tofu and firm("momen" in japanese) tofu. The former is more popular as ingredients for miso soup. Of course, both of them go well with every miso soup, and are so healthy.

  • Wakame seaweed

    Wakame is very popular and healthy,too. In case of a new miso paste you should use the combination of tofu and wakame, which do not prevent you from tasting "miso" enough.

  • Thin deep-fried tofu

    This is called "abura-age" in japanese. This makes miso soup rich, and is very popular,too.

    * These are the top three of popular ingredients, which go well with every kind of miso paste in making miso soup, and have good combinations with many other ingredients.

  • Nameko mushroom

    This is a small, amber-brown mushroom with a slightly gelatinous coating. Many japanese people like "nameko-jiru(miso soup with nameko mushrooms)" . This is usually combined with tofu, and relatively goes well with red miso.

  • Short-necked clams

    They are called "asari"in japanese. As they make very good stock, you can use just water to make miso soup. Miso soup with short-necked clams is popular,too, and goes well with mixed miso.

  • Freshwater clams

    They are called "shijimi" in japanese. They are like short-necked clams in making miso soup. Miso soup with "shijimi" has the effect of reducing a hangover.

  • Daikon radish

    This is just like a japanese ingredient, and goes well with every kind of miso paste. You should use the stem of it, too.

  • Naganegi(japanese leek)

    This is also called "shironegi" in japanese, and often combined with tofu, wakame, and thin deep-fried tofu,etc.

  • Eggplant

    This goes well with red miso.

  • Spinach

    Good combinations with every miso paste.

  • Cabbage

    This goes well with mild,white miso paste.

  • Chinese cabbage

    This is called "hakusai cabbage",too, and goes well with sweet white miso paste.

  • Enoki mushroom

    You can enjoy the rich taste of it, and goes well with white or mixed miso.

  • potato

    You should combine white or mixed miso, as you can taste potatoes. Especially popular in Hokkaido,which is a leading potato producer in Japan.

  • Onion

    Good combinations with every miso paste.

  • Kabu(turnip)

    This goes well with sweet white miso. You should use the stem of it, too.

  • Pumpkin

    You should combine with mild miso paste, as you can enjoy the sweet taste of pumpkin. Women relatively like it.

  • Bean sprout

    Good combinations with every miso paste.

  • Nira

    Nira means garlic chive. This goes well with mixed miso. Good combinations with egg and tofu.

  • Egg

    You should combine it with other ingredients. Slowly stir in a well beaten egg, return to a boil, turn off heat. It is OK to put in poached egg,too. Combine with your favorite miso paste.

  • Dried wheat gulten

    This is called "fu" or "ofu" in japanese, and goes well with white or mixed miso.

  • The other ingredients

    Salmon, cod, shiitake mushroom, maitake mushroom, taro, etc

    As these are reference information, combine your favorite ingredients with miso paste to your liking. Enjoy miso soup!

Special miso soup

  • Tonjiru(miso soup with pork and vegetables)

    Tonjiru is one of the most popular miso soup in Japan. Compared to normal miso soup, this is much more substantial, with a larger quantity and variety of ingredients. Though meat is not used as ingredients for miso soup, pork is used only in tonjiru. Try it!

  • Natto-jiru(miso soup with chopped natto)

    This has a very unique flavor and is popular in Touhoku region.

  • Arajiru(miso soup with fish bone)

  • This is delicious with fish broth. This is generally provided in restaurants, in paticular sushi restaurants.

  • kanijiru(miso soup with crab)

    This is very good with a flavor of crab. This is the same as Arajiru, too.

Various ways to have miso soup

  • It is popular to splinkle wakegi(chopped green onion) or japanese hornwort on miso soup as finishing.

  • Some in Hokkaido put butter in miso soup. Specially miso soup with potato goes well with butter.

  • Many people in the North of Kyushu region, especially Fukuoka Prefecture, put yuzu pepper in miso soup.

  • Some people put tenkasu in miso soup. That will make it rich.

  • Many people in Aichi Prefecture put tempura on the previous day into miso soup.

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